How to ace an interview: 6 skills

An interview is a performance in which you’re starring as yourself. No wonder we all find interviews terrifying. You’re performing with no script, in front of an audience who can make or break your career – and you have to wait a week to see if they applaud.

8 Vital Soft Skills for Telecoms Professionals

Despite its reputation, the telecoms sector isn’t all about hard skills. Technical skills may be indispensable, but employers also demand excellent people skills. These are the eight every telecoms professional should master.  

The 5G Security Revolution is Here

Digitalisation has transformed security, often replacing physical perimeters with ever-expanding digital networks of endpoints. This brings new challenges for the security industry, with the latest 4K/8K CCTV cameras eating up to 50 Mbps of bandwidth each.  

Tech Training in the New Normal

Any manufacturer of security systems needs to be able to train installers. During lockdown, hands-on, face-to-face training for installers had to be replaced with virtual training – leading to a revolution in how companies think about support.

The Women Telecoms Engineers Keeping Britain Connected

The pandemic has placed UK telecoms infrastructure under huge strain. Video streamers like Netflix and Amazon had to dial down quality from HD to standard definition as Zoom meetings suddenly devoured the nation’s bandwidth.

6G by 2030: What will it really take?

6G networks will look drastically different from today’s. Telepresence holograms will be the norm, and the networks’ primary users will be machines. But does the kind of hardware these networks will run on even exist yet? Telecoms giants like Nokia and Samsung are already looking into the hardware and software needed to make 6G a reality by 2030.

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