What do employers and job seekers say about us?

We lead in specialist recruitment for the Telecoms, IT, Fire & Security and M&E sectors.

With nearly 20 years recruiting experience, we work with the best permanent and contract staff, whilst helping our clients to deliver their services.

They really rate our approach.  This is what they have to say about us.

  • Best recruiter I have ever worked with, and I have worked with lots over the years. They are honest when they can't supply the right type of person instead of sending me any CV they can find. The quality measures that Technical Resources go through is market leading. 90% of the candidates they supply are a perfect match not only technically, but they also match our culture!"

    Network Planning Manager
  • I really like the consultants at Technical Resources - they maintain regular contact with you at every stage of the process and are always happy to help.

    Data Cabling Engineer
  • What a great group of people. I have been in the security industry for nearly 30 years and recently decided to go self employed. I was scared and not sure if I was making the correct decision. You were nice to talk to, gave me confidence and always make me feel assured that I would have work. In the last five months, I have always been working and your staff have been brilliant. Truly a great service.

    Security Engineer
  • I know it’s your job but you actually listen when so many agencies don’t, it's been a pleasure dealing with you, I appreciate everything you’ve done and you're a credit to your industry! Keep up the good work!

    Security Service Engineer
  • We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Technical Resources to other companies. Efficient and responsive throughout the entire process 

    Head of Engineering
  • Technical Resources are a resourceful and collaborative team. Genuinely pleased and delighted with the results. 

    Worldwide provider of security solutions
  • Technical Resources have provided the highest quality of labour from any agencies we have used. Would most definitly recommend. 

    UK leading technical services specialist
  • Technical Resources is a highly professional and efficient recruitment agency, who really listens to your needs and wants everything for your next role in order to match you to a well suited organisation. They are great at giving regular phone/email updates as to where we are at in the recruitment process and always available if I had any queries or concerns. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any business looking for a first class service.

    HR Manager
  • We have worked with Technical Resources for a number of years sourcing candidates with specific skills and have an excellent working relationship. They have a high level of integrity as a Recruitment agency and always takes time to fully brief themselves on our vacancies, putting forward only those candidates who closely match our requirements. We would have no hesitation in recommending Technical Resources for their excellent, cost-effective service.

    HR Manager
  •  “Technical Resources have been able to fill jobs with suitable and successful candidates that other agencies were unable to, all delivery managers are happy with the resource and Technical Resources are now in the top three preferred suppliers after the main vendor.”

    Operations Director
  • I liked the understanding between what was required for the project and putting the right engineers on the job. I would recommend and would use Technical Resources for other Projects.

    Infrastructure Director
  • Following a new phase of works on a high-end retail project, we needed a supplier who was reliable and could supply quality Electricians in a short space of time. We were impressed with how Technical Resources introduced themselves and had confidence in their quality checks and processes. They supplied us with nearly 20 Electricians for a period of 3-4 months who worked under our supervision and control. We will continue to use Technical Resources to help boost our labour force”.

    General Manager
  • We received an email highlighting Technical Resources’ “real and immediately available list of Electricians”. Some of these were based near a project we had on at the time, so we requested some more information. After receiving all the details quickly, we agreed rates and got the labour to site to start the next day. They have an extensive database of candidates and have assisted with other labour requests since. Would certainly recommend their services”.

    Electrical Project Manager
  • “We were running two large projects based in London at the time that Technical Resources approached us. They had fully certified and available Electricians that fitted the description of our requirements at a time where our previous supplier was letting us down. Technical Resources were able to supply us when the other agency couldn’t. Moving forward, any requirements and projects we have we will be using Technical Resources for assistance”.

    Managing Director
  • Technical Resources have provided support to fill a large number of urgent engineering vacancies. Quality candidates have been supplied quickly, filling a number of the roles to time and budget. Communication has been spot on and they are always happy to assist with difficult and niche roles and are on hand to answer any questions we may have.

    HR Manager
  • They are very experienced and successful recruitment professionals, who are sincere, dedicated and smart. They have been involved in all kinds of recruitment activities with a proven performance record.  Who quickly adapt to any challenging environment using skills which coverd many functional and technical areas that there clients find very useful and dedicated in completing all the assignments provided with in a timely manner. 

    Senior Analyst
  • They where a very dynamic and very helpful team in procuring my recent appiontment, I would thoroughly recommend to any employer on the recruitment trail as a great job is always achived!

    Business Development Director
  • Very professional always provided best services due to them having a big Network provided. Always happy to work with again.

  • Dealt with a fair few recruiters previously and most of them are pretty useless. However i was not botherd here constantly, just gets you the right position for your needs and makes sure you get exactly what you want. I would 100% recommend, if you are looking for an employment opportunity.

    Service Engineer
  • I would like to thank Technical Resources Recruitment for the Hard-work and dedication they have undertaken in finding me the right job. They are a very professional organisation and committed in taking their 'candidates' interests to heart and pushing for the very best results. 

    Fire Protection Engineer
  • They were very interested, and listened to everything that I had to say. Before I knew it they found an unbelievable role within days, that accounted for all my wants and needs. Needless to say within the first interview I was very happy to get exactly what I asked for!

    Principle Project Manager

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