Sebastian Green

Senior Consultant

What team are you in what do you specialise in:- I’m in the Telecoms Perm team, and I specialise in finding the best candidates within the market.

Why do you love Recruitment:-  I love working in recruitment because there is a different challenge every day, no day is the same!

What the best thing about working at Technical Resources:-  We have a great environment in the office, and all teams are always competing to be the best.

Give a brief history about work and how you got here:- I started at Technical Resources in 2015 as a Resourcer. I worked within the Fire and Security perm team and I progressed from a Resourcer to a Senior Consultant. In the Autumn of 2020, I moved over to the Telecoms team to focus on the external fibre market.

Tell us something weird or interesting about you:-  I have a synthetic ligament in my knee. I am related to Shaggy.

What’s are the benefits of working with Technical Resources:- Technical Resources are very supportive and help you to progress.