Ollie Tiernan

Recruitment Consultant

Why do you love Recruitment?: Because I can work on my problem-solving skills to fit candidates to job specs.

What the best thing about working at Technical Resources?: No two consecutive day is the same, and the high-performance culture always makes you want to achieve.

Give a brief history about work and how you got here: I have spent several years working in customer service roles dealing with angry customers. I then spent lockdown working at amazon. Once lockdown started to ease, I wanted to look for a career. I saw Technical Resources job opening and jumped at the chance.

Tell us something weird about you, tell us something interesting about you: I can name/identify pretty much every breed of Dog. I met Didier Drogba in Tesco’s Brookland.

What team are you in what do you specialise in: Telecoms and I specialise in resourcing candidates for Job specs.

What’s are the benefits of working with Technical Resources: Everybody has a very similar mentality pushing me to be the best I can be.

What would you said to Alan Sugar to make him say that you are hired as his Technical Recruiter?: Give me a job Spec and 24 hours and ill bring you 4-5 Grade A candidates.