Joe Carvalho

Business Development Manager

Why are you working in Recruitment: The speed of the job, the buzz, the rewards financially, rewarding, fulfilling and a great team environment. 

What the best thing about working at Technical Resources? :The vision that everyone is bought into and that we are all on the same path to becoming a great team and number one recruitment agency.  

Give a brief history about work and how you got here: One of my favorite stories to tell. I’d come back from 12 months travelling and working abroad to land myself a job in Tower Bridge as a sales consultant for a Health and Fitness club. After a six-month period I realised after working in this industry for around a four year period that I was never going be at the financial level needed to do the things I wanted to do in life. It was at this point I thought I’d like to give recruitment a go and remembered being a PT for Alan around 5 years previously and him mentioning he owned a recruitment business. At this point I’d considered reaching out to him to see if there would be an opportunity and as luck would have it bumped into him on the train on the way up to football in London. (We were ironically going to different matches that day). I mentioned what I was doing and to my excitement he messaged me two weeks later to offer a trial day. From minute one on the trial day I loved the buzz the speed and the fact that everyday is different in this job and one thing you can guarantee you are never bored or clock watching. From then I’ve excelled from being a BDM to Delivery Manager for the F&S contract team.  

Tell us something weird about you, tell us something interesting about you:  Weird - I’m probably one of the only people that works in recruitment that doesn’t enjoy drinking alcohol. Interesting - I once cycled for Charity from St.Malo (France) to Santander for a charity fundraiser (Spain). This was just under a 1000 miles we completed in a 10 day journey.  

What team are you in what do you specialise in?: Fire & Security Contract 

What’s are the benefits of working with Technical Resources: Constant support on a business and personal level, Incentive holidays, Access to the best golf courses nationwide 

What would you said to Alan Sugar to make him say that you are hired as his Technical Recruiter: Present a business plan of how we are going to recruit for him, showcase my past history with Technical Resources as a BDM and Delivery Manager. Mention I am willing to work all hours under the sun to deliver the roles that he has tasked me. What gets measured gets done.