Ben Weston

Delivery Manager

What team are you in what do you specialise in: - I specialise in recruiting across the FTTX industry in Permanent Recruitment.

Why do you love Recruitment: - I enjoy the fast-paced environment and competitive atmosphere, as well as the opportunity to speak to top talent within our market and partner with them for their hiring & job searching challenges.

What the best thing about working at Technical Resources: - The high-performance culture fits my personality very well, as well as the opportunity to be successful and be a part of a business in a growing market.

Give a brief history about work and how you got here: - I essentially got offered an interview through a friend and from there I fell into it, over the years I’ve loved every minute.

tell us something interesting about you: - iused to play football to county & club level in non-league as a youngster. I also have a passion for DJing and have played across the UK & Europe.

What’s are the benefits of working with Technical Resources: -The opportunity to be part of a family run, independent, growing business that is passionate about building your career.