Adam Wood

Recruitment Consultant

What team are you in what do you specialise in: - I work in the contract division at Technical Resources, specialising in the Telecoms and M&E industry.

Why are you working in Recruitment: - I'm in recruitment as I enjoy working with a range of individuals and helping place the best candidates in the Telecoms and M&E industry. 

What the best thing about working at Technical Resources?: – Working with like-minded individuals that all want to succeed, and the fast-paced office environment.

Give a brief history about work and how you got here: -I was working as a Glazier, fitting COVID screens in Hospitals during the lockdown and made the move through a referral to recruitment. 

Tell us something weird about you, tell us something interesting about you: - I like to produce music and DJ in my spare time

What’s are the benefits of working with Technical Resources: - The family culture and great incentives!