July 6, 2022

Attracting and retaining talented, hardworking people is the key to success for any business. But the worsening talent shortage is making that success hard to come by. What can you do? Here are four proven strategies to find your talent oasis in the desert.

  1. Look in-house first.

There’s no place like home. Harvard Business Review estimates that the average company could fill 60% of its future roles with its current employees, given the correct training. The sea-change across sectors driven by rapid tech advancements has made it hard for workers to acquire relevant skills. Looking internally and upskilling your existing staff could help you minimise the skills gaps in your organisation.

  1. Have a show-stopping employer brand

With candidates enjoying a smorgasbord of opportunities, you need to stand out from the competition. Does your job spec look like your competitors? Does the wording in your job ad align with your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

Create your job ad with a target demographic in mind. Don’t bother listing the “nice to have” attributes–focus on the must-haves, and you’ll open the role up to a larger pool of talent. And don’t bother listing run-of-the-mill benefits like annual holiday allowances and sick pay–highlight the kind of benefits the new wave of candidates are demanding, like flexible hours, extended maternity or paternity leave, shorter workweeks and sign-on bonuses.

The candidate experience, interview process and time to hire are also vital parts of your employer brand that communicate to candidates what it’s like to work for you–so make sure they're sending the right message.

  1. Prioritise workforce agility

The pandemic-driven rise in remote working has widened the talent pool, enabling employers to hire nationwide and even worldwide. Dipping into the global talent pool also creates greater diversity.

An agile mindset–one of adaptability, flexibility and openness to change–means focusing on how we work rather than where, and on people rather than workspaces. Develop a workplace ecosystem that will boost employee engagement and win candidates over.

  1. Use the power of technology.

Half of all work tasks could be automated by 2025, so the time to invest in AI is now. AI recruiting tools can help you increase your hiring effectiveness in today’s ultra-competitive job market, and you can also use AI to support and empower employees by automating mundane tasks so they can focus on more important work–leading to more fulfilment for them and more value added for you.