November 22, 2021

COVID has forced telecoms providers to rush through several years’ worth of change in a single year. They’ve supported the home working revolution and the attendant massive increase in bandwidth needs, and kept customer service employees working when call centres were locked down.

But the pace of change isn’t slowing down. Communications service providers (CSPs) need to transform further into agile and efficient digital organisations. As the rollout of 5G accelerates, they need to launch new services faster, become more competitive, and cut their operating margins. This will call for a fail-fast mentality, as nobody knows yet which 5G services will succeed and what customers will really want.

CSPs will also need to speed up the rollout of 5G and broadband networks and adopt innovative technologies such as edge cloud and Open RAN. To do this with the speed and scale that 5G demands, they’ll need to simplify and automate network processes using AI.

Personalised customer engagement

As customer expectations keep growing, it can be hard to keep customer value high and costs low. AI can help you overcome these challenges by enabling you to take the right action in every interaction. For example, it can:

  • Boost loyalty and retention by detecting when a customer is likely to leave, defining a budget based on their lifetime value and using multiple retention strategies
  • Boost revenue by anticipating customer needs in real time and upselling or cross-selling when the time is right
  • Boost subscriber growth by guiding customers to offerings that will interest them and creating a flawless multi-channel experience.
  • Provide proactive, personalised customer service across channels, such as resolving billing enquiries and guiding customers through setting up services.

Intelligent automation

Telecoms providers can combine AI with robotics and automation to increase network capacity, roll out new 5G and fibre networks efficiently, or simplify order fulfilment, all while keeping profit margins high and delivering value to customers fast. Intelligent automation and robotics can:

  • Orchestrate, automate, and deliver customer orders
  • Build and deploy new networks faster
  • Automatically resolve network outages and events

AI is an essential tool for cross-selling and customer retention, enabling companies to personalise and optimise customer interactions for every individual, predict customer behaviour and proactively meet customer needs.

After 18 months of unprecedented challenges, telecommunications providers can now turn the crisis into an opportunity if they adopt a fail-fast, learn-fast mentality and invest in AI.