October 15, 2021
Fire and Security

Whether you’re just starting your career, looking for your next step up, or rejoining the workforce after having a family, a contract engineering role could be just what you need on your CV.

More and more companies are offering contract engineering roles, because skipping the permanent hiring process saves them the time and money – and they’ll pass some of those savings on to you. Fire and security engineers in particular will find contract work pays much better than permanent roles.

Engineers with niche skills like SQL or T-SQL database management systems, Epic Clarity/Cogito Administration (for electronic health records), or AutoCAD 3D for parts design & documentation, will also find themselves in very high demand as contractors.

In contract work, being older or “over-qualified" isn’t a disadvantage – it actually gives you an edge, because employers will know they can trust you to hit the ground running without needing too much training. You might even be offered a role as a mentor to permanent staff!

And if you don’t want to stay a contractor forever, don’t worry – your employer may well be scoping you out for a permanent role.


Why pursue contract roles?

If you want to find work (and get paid) fast, contract work is ideal. If you want to add new dimensions of work experience to your CV, travel to different parts of the country, sample different employers and industries, or enjoy the flexibility of taking a long holiday between jobs, contract work is for you. Many older engineers appreciate the way contract work enables them to take it a bit slower without having to retire altogether.

As a contract engineer, you’ll be doing what you do best: solving problems. Contracts are focused on a specific outcome, and you’ll know up front what you’re expected to do and in what timeframe.

After that, you’re free to move on – although if the role is labelled “temporary-to-hire" or “contract-to-hire", you’re likely to have the option of staying on for a permanent job that will pay better than your contract salary. (And since contract work often pays better than permanent work… you do the maths.) Contract to full-time roles may well also offer you free training while on the job.

Contract engineering roles will enable you to jump-start or reboot your career, while filling out your CV with a valuable variety of work experience. You'll be free to move around, try new things, and take breaks, while potentially earning far more than you would in a permanent position.

On average our Engineers earn a minimum of £220 per day + mileage / expenses - Annually, this is a 57% increase in earning potential from being permanently employed. You can:

• Enjoy the financial stability of guaranteed fortnightly pay

• Experience a variety of different clients and products adding to your personal portfolio and industry knowledge.

• Focus on what you enjoy and don't worry about where your next job will be…Technical Resources will line up your next assignment weeks before your end date

• Flexible holidays to suit your own personal needs

• Tax benefits which = Increased take home

• Build own LTD company with our help


If all this sounds good to you, you’re in the right place. Technical Resources are experts in placing engineers in well-paid, rewarding contract roles with some of the best companies out there. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities we can offer you!