September 15, 2021

Despite its reputation, the telecoms sector isn’t all about hard skills. Technical skills may be indispensable, but employers also demand excellent people skills. These are the eight every telecoms professional should master.



As an interdisciplinary field, the modern telecoms sector requires people to be able to work together effectively across departments and in diverse groups.


Willingness to learn

As the pace of change in telecoms accelerates, new innovations are transforming the landscape every year. It’s vital to be dedicated to continuous education and willing to embrace a fast learning curve.



Good communication is key to effective teamwork; the strongest teams are made up of people who can communicate confidently, clearly and directly. The advent of home working makes this more important than ever.



Although telecoms is a technical field, employers value creative thinkers who can help them solve the new problems that constantly emerge as technology marches on. You’ll need to be able to think outside the box and challenge traditional practices when necessary.



Every industry has had a crash course in adaptability during COVID, and these changes look set to continue, meaning employers will value candidates who are agile and flexible enough to adapt to changing ways of working as well as new technologies.



The responsibilities of a telecoms professional are many, varied, and sometimes overwhelming, meaning the ability to organise and prioritise your workload under pressure is something employers look out for



As a future-oriented industry, telecoms demands an open mind about new ideas and a willingness to let your worldview be challenged.



Emergent technologies can have unforeseen consequences, and as we move into a future of increasingly sophisticated technology, telecoms professionals will need to be guided by a strong sense of empathy and to find employers whose values resonate with their own. In this way, we can build an industry and a world that are kinder and more inclusive for everyone.