February 2, 2018
Telecoms, Fire and Security, IT

We speak to hundreds of job seekers every week and so we know a thing or two about how to successfully apply for a technical job. Below we’ve selected our top 10 tips, plus 2 bonus tips from our consultants to help your search be more successful.


Before you start

1. Don’t forget that finding a job can be a job in itself. It can require a lot of time and dedication to find your ideal role so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the first job you apply for.

2. Be open to new opportunities throughout the recruitment process. You may start with one job in mind but other, sometimes better jobs and companies can present themselves.


Your CV

3. In your CV profile, express your passion for the job you are going for or the sector it is in, employers like to see this.

4. When you write your CV, use bullet points rather than writing big paragraphs that can be hard to read. The simpler and clearer your CV content, the better.

5. Check, check and check you CV again for spelling mistakes and errors. Get someone else to check it too.


6. Interview preparation is key, focus on the job you really want and make sure you are ready for the interview. Do your research on the company you are going to see and the details of the job requirements.

7. Always dress appropriately for your interview. This might mean wearing a suit or other smart clothing. Remember, you can’t over dress.

8. Be honest and clear about what you can do, your capabilities, experience and the systems/equipment that you have worked with.

9. When meeting your interviewer have a firm handshake, keep eye contact and be punctual. And always be positive about what you’ve done in the past and what you can do in the future.

10. The interview stage is an opportunity for you to ask your potential employer questions too. This can really show you are interested in the role and motivated by it.


Bonus tips

1. When starting you first day, be on time! Ideally aim to arrive a few minutes early.

2. Always work hard, diligently and professionally in your new job. Most people work in the same marketplace/sector and if you underperform this can quickly get around and make it challenging to find a new job.


We hope these have helped and don’t forget that if you’d like a little more assistance you can call us anytime on 01932 837 700. We’re always happy to help. Good luck!