July 21, 2018

When it comes to bringing people into your organisation, there are many things that you need to know. It is important you make sure that they have the qualifications for the role and that they have the experience to deal with the pressure of the job. However, it is also essential that you find people who will fit into your organisation and ensure that a strong working atmosphere remains in place. There is a need to know your company culture and ensure that anyone you bring in is a good fit with your company culture.

Before you decide on whether someone is a good match for your company culture, it is vital that you know what your company culture is. This is a big task and it is something that your HR department should be aware of. There is a need to review your organisation in an impartial manner, almost looking at your employees in the way an outsider would.

Make sure you know what your company culture is

Things you should look out for when observing the current culture of your organisation include:

  • How do employees engage and interact with each other?
  • Are there conflicts and if there are, how are conflicts resolved?
  • The way senior leaders engage with employees and middle managers
  • The way middle managers engage with reporting employees

One area that is important to consider is the emotions of the workplace. Is there a standard reaction in the workplace to certain events or is there a varied reaction to news and announcements? Do people seem happy and content at work or are there often flashpoints and loud interaction to contend with?

There is also a lot to be said for considering the objects and artefacts of a workplace. Is there a chance for employees to showcase their personality or at least have an individualized touch in their workspace? If not, is there a sterile working environment with a clinical and professional approach to work? There is no right or wrong approach to working, but some firms have a clearly defined working environment and there will be candidates who are better suited to working n this environment than others.

Company culture can change over time

A lot of companies may not realise that they have a culture in the workspace and of course, culture can change over time. Modern society is very different to the way that previous generations lived their life, so it would be wrong to think that working practices and the culture of the workspace were not affected by this evolution.

It is therefore important for companies to review their culture on a regular basis. There are things that a company can do to encourage a workplace culture and whether a firm wants to be fun or formal, there are ways that this can be directed.

At Technical Resources, we believe the right candidate for the role depends on many things and the culture of an organisation is something to bear in mind. If you’re looking to bring the right people into the right roles, we are here to assist you.