August 22, 2018
Employers, Candidates

While many appointments are reactive ones, filling gaps and ensuring that short-term issues are minimised, a company must do what they can to have a longer-term approach to recruitment. Finding candidates who are happy to be with a firm for a lengthy period builds stability and can reduce costs and lost time associated with recruitment. At Technical Resources, we are here to help you learn how to recruit employees that want to stay with your firm.

Look at a candidate’s history and career path

Past performances are no guarantee of what may happen in the future but looking at what someone has done in the past is still the most likely way to get a feel for what they have to offer. The CV of a candidate should outline where they have worked and the various steps of their career. This will provide you with insight into their character and what they are looking for in their career.

Of course, just because a candidate has changed job a few times doesn’t mean that they will not stay with you for a long time. Perhaps they have a career plan that is leading towards you or they haven’t enjoyed certain roles or firms. There are many reasons why people change roles so while a candidate with numerous roles and employers may sound a warning when it comes to building long-term, it may not be something to rule someone out for.

Find out about a person’s aims and ambitions

While career goals and aims are important, the social and personal goals for a person can help you understand what they would bring to your company. Someone who is looking to build a base for their family may have a different outlook on life and career goals than someone who is young, single and admittedly looking to experience as much of life as they can.

While these goals and aims will help you to determine if someone is willing to stay around for many years, it can also provide you with insight into determining whether they will fit your company culture. Firms should look for employers who can work with others and who are likely to work for the goals of the company alongside their own aims.

Provide people with reasons to stay

It stands to reason that if you can offer higher wages, it is likely that people will want to work for you. However, not every firm can afford to pay sizable wages, so you may need to focus on other ways to make your company more appealing to potential candidates. Providing training and career development paths can help you bring the right people into your company, minimising the future recruitment work you may need to do.

Introducing longevity into your recruitment aims and plans will help you to focus on candidates who are more likely to stay with your firm and help you achieve your sustained goals. At Technical Resources, we know that the right candidate is often about more than their skills and qualifications, which is why we’re keen to place the right people into the right positions.