March 30, 2021
Fire and Security

Like every other industry, the fire and security sector in Britain and Europe went through interesting times in 2020, and COVID will continue to affect how it evolves in 2021. These are the six key trends you need to watch out for in the coming year:


1. More CCTV cameras

Numbers of CCTV cameras rose significantly in 2020 and are expected to keep rising in 2021. Surprisingly enough, this has been driven by the rise of home working; most of the new cameras are domestic. This may well be because home workers have realised just how much activity goes on in residential areas during the workday and are now anxious about what might happen when they’re away from home.


2. More process optimisation

Organisations of all sizes are using automation to optimise their work processes. COVID has added fuel to this trend by reducing personal contact and making workers wary of handling physical paperwork. In the fire and security sector, spare parts ordering, invoicing, certification and numerous other processes are becoming more and more automated.


3. More detail in documentation

Automation means we can capture an unprecedented amount of detailed information. Regulators often turn that “can” into a “must”, meaning that more and more sophisticated automation will be needed to meet regulatory standards for data capture.


4. Data access from anywhere

Speaking of data, it’s everywhere. With home working clearly here to stay in some form, it’s increasingly important for workers across sectors to be able to access data from anywhere. The fire and security sector is no exception.


5. Security as a Service

As businesses need to be more agile, security as a service is becoming more popular. Outsourcing some security needs takes the pressure off in-house security staff and makes it easy to scale security up or down with the size of the business, without needing to pay for full on-site security.


6. Big Data

2021 is likely to be a big year for big data in the fire and security industry. While the storage and analysis of data tend to get the most attention, it’s particularly important in security to capture data accurately and punctually as well.


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