July 24, 2018
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If you are applying for a job, your CV is hugely important. There are many firms which request candidates fill in online forms or take aptitude tests, but it is very common for a CV to be requested and the information contained within your CV may say more about you than you think. While there have been plenty of people who have embellished their CV in recent times, it is always best to be honest with the information you share. However, you should look to create the best possible impression.

It goes without saying but you need to include your qualifications on your CV. There are many roles where having qualifications, be they educational or vocational, are a requirement in obtaining the job. If you fail to list required information, you may find that your application is discarded very quickly. It doesn’t matter if you forget or just overlooked a qualification, if it is required and you haven’t included this information, you will struggle to obtain the job.

Companies want to find out about you

However, companies also want to find out more about you as a person, and the information you place on your CV can create an impression of you. Quite often, firms are looking for a degree because it suggests the applicant can work in a structured manner. There will be roles where a very specific qualification must be obtained but for many roles, employers are happy to know that you have followed further educational study through to the end.

Given that many further education courses require group work, holding a degree indicates that you can work with other people. This is hugely significant when a company looks to bring someone into their company, because most jobs will require interaction with other people. A lot of the information contained within a CV can tell a lot about the applicant, how they engage with others and it can flag up causes for concern.

Does a candidate have a track record of leaving jobs?

If a person has left a few jobs abruptly or they are unable to provide a reference for certain roles, it may lead the company to have concerns about the applicant. A person who provides work to the highest standard but who is unable to work with others in a harmonious manner is unlikely to be suitable for most jobs. Companies need to find employees who can fit into their culture and working environment. Therefore, the companies that someone has worked for in the past may be more informative than their roles or qualifications.

It is also common to include hobbies or some extra-curricular activities in a CV. This can provide insight into a person and while you may not think that this is too relevant for work, some companies may have hobbies or activities that they want to see or that they don’t want to see. Also, some firms request that candidates provide their social media account information, and the posts and engagements will obviously create a picture of a candidate.

Given the importance of your CV, it is essential that you create the best impression. At Technical Resources, we aim to bring people and firms together, and we can help you submit the best CV that you can.