August 1, 2018
Fire and Security, Permanent, Contract

If you are looking for a security role, you may be keen to take whatever job you can. A lot of people are struggling to find roles in the security sector these days, but there are some professionals who have more flexibility in what role they can take. If you can choose between a contract role or a permanent role, you have a decision to make and there is no right or wrong answer, it is a decision that depends on what an individual is looking for.

Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself and work out what role is best for your needs. Reviewing what income you are looking for, what hours you can work, the distance you are happy to travel for work and the sort of work that you will do will all impact on the role that is right for you. If you are responsible for other people, it is best that you have their needs in mind when determining what security role is right for you, and if you have a partner or someone you share responsibilities with, it is sensible to discuss roles with them.

Of course, it is often best to get advice and guidance from someone neutral to your decision and at Technical Resources, we are more than happy to listen to your needs and help you find the role that is best for you.

With a contract position, it is likely that you will receive a higher level of remuneration

For many people, the biggest level of take-home pay is the principal factor, and this means that a contract security role is likely to be more appealing. There will be factors such as the current economic climate and the level of demand for the role but generally, someone on a contract can expect to receive a higher wage.

A permanent contract offers peace of mind

Of course, for many people, a permanent position is more appealing because it offers greater security when looking for a security position! Anyone looking to budget or work towards a financial goal may find that having a permanent position will allow them to achieve their goals with more certainty. There are no guarantees in life but with a permanent position, it can be easier to receive additional financial support or look to the future.

It may be that having a contract position, as opposed to a permanent position, may allow you more flexibility. Some of these positions are set-up to allow people to be self-employed in the role, almost acting as their own boss. This also creates tax opportunities and for some people, operating in a contract position allows them to enjoy tax savings.

No one wants to more tax, so being able to save on this aspect will be pleasing for many people. Of course, there will be some people who don’t want the additional task of dealing with tax, and this may be the crucial factor for you. Issues like sick pay, holiday pay, administrative work and applying for new contract posts may lead some people to looking for a permanent post, but it is down to you and what works best for you.

If you are looking for a security position, be it contract or permanent, contact Technical Resources and we will do what we can to help you.