August 8, 2018
Telecoms, IT, Permanent

Every business faces difficulties and challenges these days, and firms must find ways to overcome these problems. One of the key areas of business is recruitment, and there is a growing understanding that companies must recruit with more flexibility.

Flexibility can mean many things, and in order to achieve success when it comes to recruitment, there is a need to be as flexible as possible. This means flexibility in the way you set job descriptions, having flexibility in how you promote roles, having flexibility in the way you review, meet and interview candidates and even flexibility in the role that you offer.

Many companies like having strict guidelines in place when it comes to recruitment. When there are clearly defined parameters, it becomes easier to manage the process and it provides a platform for accepting or refusing candidates. However, this approach may see some of the best candidates excluded from the process and it may see firms making the same mistakes that have blighted their recruitment process. If you know that there is room for improvement with recruitment at your company, being more flexible may allow you to make the changes that help you improve.

Flexibility gives you access to more candidates

It stands to reason that if you are more flexible in the recruitment process, you will have access to more candidates. While quality is more important than quantity when it comes to finding candidates, there is no denying that having a larger pool to review makes it easier to find quality candidates. A company should look to promote their posts in several ways, including social media.

While there are firms who have grasped the opportunity provided by social media, a lot of companies remain wary of using this platform. It is always best to think of the platform that the people you want to reach are using and, social media is one of the most suitable places you can recruit for new employees.

You’ll also find that offering flexibility in roles, such as working days or hours or even allowing people to work from home at certain times, if applicable, makes sense. Not everyone is able to work the traditional 9 to 5 these days, so if your firm can create a flexible structure that allows people to combine work with other responsibilities, you’ll find that more people are able to work for you.

Flexibility can help improve morale in the workplace

Companies should also find that flexibility helps to improve morale in the workplace. When people feel as though their employer cares for them and supports them, they’ll be happier at work. A happy workforce is likely to be a more motivated workforce, and this can help you deliver better results.

If you are looking for ways to be more flexible with your recruitment process, come and speak with Technical Resources and we will be more than happy to assist you.