The Women Telecoms Engineers Keeping Britain Connected

The pandemic has placed UK telecoms infrastructure under huge strain. Video streamers like Netflix and Amazon had to dial down quality from HD to standard definition as Zoom meetings suddenly devoured the nation’s bandwidth.

6G by 2030: What will it really take?

6G networks will look drastically different from today’s. Telepresence holograms will be the norm, and the networks’ primary users will be machines. But does the kind of hardware these networks will run on even exist yet? Telecoms giants like Nokia and Samsung are already looking into the hardware and software needed to make 6G a reality by 2030.

Visit us at The Security Event 2021

Technical Resources will have its first ever stand at The Security Event at the Birmingham NEC from 7-9 September 2021. It’s the UK’s no.1 commercial, enterprise and residential security event, and we’re excited to have a stand and to be involved in face-to-face events as people start to mingle again post-lockdown.

How AI Cameras are about to Change the World

AI-driven cameras are about to change the way we live and work for the better. The number of security cameras worldwide is predicted to reach a billion in 2021. The combination of AI and next-gen open camera technology will go far beyond security to transform every aspect of life – and not in a “Big Brother” way.

Augmented Reality: the next big thing in Video Surveillance?

Augmented reality (AR) – the ability to overlay text and images Terminator-style on a live scene or video – could have exciting applications in video surveillance. Though the two are often confused, AR is not the same as virtual reality (VR). VR immerses the user in a whole illusory environment, usually through a headset. AR is real life with extra information on top. It can be accessed through headsets, smart glasses, or a normal computer or phone.

The Real Cost of a Bad Hire in Engineering

The average cost of hiring the wrong candidate is ⅓ of their annual salary, according to the US Department of Labour. For an engineer, if you’re paying them the industry average of around £50K, that figure will be an eyewatering £16,666. And that’s not counting their actual pay. Suppose it takes you a year to bite the bullet and say, “I’m sorry, we’re going to have to let you go.” Your total wasted money is: £66,666. It’s enough to make your head start spinning.

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