How AI is transforming telecoms

COVID has forced telecoms providers to rush through several years’ worth of change in a single year. They’ve supported the home working revolution and the attendant massive increase in bandwidth needs, and kept customer service employees working when call centres were locked down. But the pace of change isn’t slowing down. Communications service providers (CSPs) need to transform further into agile and efficient digital organisations. As the rollout of 5G accelerates, they need to launch new services faster, become more competitive, and cut their operating margins. This will call for a fail-fast mentality, as nobody knows yet which 5G services will succeed and what customers will really want.

How is the chip shortage impacting fire and security?

The worldwide microchip shortage was caused by chip manufacturers having to cut production or shut down during COVID-19, customers cancelling orders as demand for products dropped, and then an unexpectedly rapid rebound in demand that suppliers weren’t ready for. The Fire Industry Association (FIA)’s latest Market Conditions Review of the fire protection market found that 55% of respondents said suppliers’ delivery times had gone up in the past year, and 76% said prices had increased.

Why use a specialist recruiter? (5 reasons)

Even in normal times, it can take weeks or months to find a good fire & security or telecoms role in the UK – and these are not normal times. There’s never been a better time to partner with a specialist recruiter. Read on to find out why.

Why should video surveillance companies invest in edge analytics?

Edge analytics are a buzzword in video surveillance. Simply put, edge analytics are video analytics on the ‘edge’ of the network, in the camera itself – and they’re getting increasingly powerful.

How to attract top executive talent: 5 tips

What do up-and-coming executives want from a job? Increasingly, the answer is “much more than a fat paycheck.” Most are the offspring of a generation that normalised sacrificing personal well-being for a brand of success that was measured in salaries, and have realised that money can’t always buy day-to-day fulfillment. They can afford to be a bit choosy, and they’re looking for an all-around deal: a job where they make a comfortable living, doing things that are meaningful to them, surrounded by a team and atmosphere they like. How do you market to them? Sell a lifestyle--not just a job.

Why contract engineer jobs could be perfect for you

Whether you’re just starting your career, looking for your next step up, or rejoining the workforce after having a family, a contract engineering role could be just what you need on your CV. More and more companies are offering contract engineering roles, because skipping the permanent hiring process saves them the time and money – and they’ll pass some of those savings on to you. Fire and security engineers in particular will find contract work pays much better than permanent roles.

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