Will IoT revolutionise fire safety?

The Internet of Things (IoT) looks set to transform our lives. Connecting devices to the internet enables us to monitor their performance, detect faults and solve problems remotely, or even automatically. There were 13.8 billion IoT connected devices in the world in 2021, and that figure will skyrocket to 30.9 billion units by 2025, according to Statista. In the consumer domain, connected IoT devices include security cameras and smart speakers, and in the commercial domain many believe the new industrial revolution, aka Industry 4.0, will be driven by the cost-cutting and productivity benefits of technologies like IoT and AI.

How to hire top talent in a talent drought

Your people are your greatest asset—and you’ll never realise that more keenly than when you’re struggling to hire. In the current talent drought, that’s almost a universal experience—so how can you give yourself the edge over your competitors?

Chips are down for the telecoms industry

The pandemic-driven shortage of semiconductor chips has impacted many industries, particularly telecoms. What does the current landscape look like in the sector—and how should telecoms deal with the crisis?

Solving supply chain issues in security

The pandemic has shown us how disastrous the breaking of a single link in the supply chain can be. Supply chains exist to give companies assurance that the parts and raw materials they need for their products are available. Lockdowns, and the surge in demand caused by digital transformation and the economic recovery, have challenged that certainty.

5 top trends in telecoms for 2022

The pandemic has turned emerging technologies like IoT and SD WAN into business essentials. In 2022, we’ll begin to see what the new normal really looks like in telecoms. These five trends hold great opportunities for the sector.

Watch out for these 5 video surveillance trends in 2022

2021 changed the business landscape forever, and created new security challenges. More people working remotely means more risk of data theft, and more remote monitoring of sites means new health and safety requirements.

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