Can telcos become B2B “techcos”?

2021 saw many telcos branching out into technology communications or “techcos” in preparation for 5G, and adding new high-growth revenue streams in the expanding B2B market. For example, Vodafone announced a plan to split up its IT and networks in order to focus on its techco vision, and BT brought in new leadership to head up a new digital business unit.

Top 10 skills engineering managers need

What really makes a great engineering manager? Gallup polled 80,000 managers and discovered some surprising results. The study found the best managers can discover and capitalise on each team member’s unique strengths. These are the top ten skills engineering managers need to be effective as leaders.

How to start your career in Fire and Security

It’s a great time to start a career as a fire and security engineer. Not only is it a lucrative career, it’s also meaningful and rewarding. You’ll be playing a vital part in keeping people safe. And you’ll be highly sought after–demand is set to rise from about 150,000 in 2016 to more than 190,000 by 2026, according to the National Association of Professional Fire Protection Analysts.

Why subsea cable route planning matters

The digital revolution has a physical foundation: undersea cables. When you email someone in another country, send money internationally, or watch news from abroad, the data travels underwater. 95% of the world’s international data traffic runs through fibre-optic cables across ocean floors.

Does video surveillance really need AI?

AI is often presented as a cure-all solution to video surveillance problems, delivering near 100% accuracy, unlimited functionality, and cost savings too.

How AltNets could change the future of fibre

Britain’s broadband infrastructure is about to move into the ultrafast lane. The current network is struggling to support the surge in online streaming and the growing Internet of Things (IoT), and the Government has pledged to deliver fast fibre broadband to a third of premises by 2025. Its £5bn Project Gigabit is designed to bring fibre broadband to over a million hard-to-reach businesses and homes.

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