Importance of Reference Checks When Recruiting

The right candidate for a role or your company depends on many things, but the personality and nature of the person is crucial. Just because an individual has qualifications or relative experience may not mean they will be a good fit for your firm or someone who you want to work for you. Of all the checks that must be carried out during the recruitment process, never overlook the importance of reference checks.

Work Ethic: How To Find The People That Drive Your Business Forward

The right people can drive your business forward and this means that your recruitment process must be tailored to finding the right people. Reviewing qualifications and work experience doesn’t always tell you about a person’s work ethic or their ability to perform well under pressure, so there is a need to review people closely during the recruitment process.

Fire and Security sector – why contracting is hot!

Demand, across the UK for Fire & Security staff, particularly engineers, is at an all-time high and this has led to an abundance of new jobs for candidates to apply for. If you are a fire and security specialist it may seem very easy to simply find the specific roles that suit you … but are you overlooking a bigger and more fundamental question?

Rigorous Compliance Checks – Essential Recruitment Features

No matter what industry a company operates in, there is a need to comply with rules and regulations. Some industries may have stricter rules than others, which means every firm must carry out research into what applies to them, but there are also policies that must be considered during the recruitment process. At Technical Resources, we are highly skilled in this matter and we are here to help you recruit with confidence.

Outsourcing Works: Leave Recruitment To The Specialists

A question that many firms must consider is whether it is best to outsource certain tasks or keep everything in-house. There should always be things that a company keeps in-house, these are your core strengths. However, there will be work that is often best left to professionals and outsourcing recruitment work is a smart decision for many firms.

Find New Employees That Can Network For Your Business

There are many ways to take your business forward, but it is probably best to realise that it will be more difficult to achieve success alone or by yourself. Small firms may think that they have no option but to do as much as they can in-house for financial reasons or because they want to maintain their vision, but these are often the companies who need the most help.

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