Your CV Needs More Than Qualifications

If you are applying for a job, your CV is hugely important. There are many firms which request candidates fill in online forms or take aptitude tests, but it is very common for a CV to be requested and the information contained within your CV may say more about you than you think. While there have been plenty of people who have embellished their CV in recent times, it is always best to be honest with the information you share. However, you should look to create the best possible impression.

A Good Fit? Knowing Your Company Culture

When it comes to bringing people into your organisation, there are many things that you need to know. It is important you make sure that they have the qualifications for the role and that they have the experience to deal with the pressure of the job. However, it is also essential that you find people who will fit into your organisation and ensure that a strong working atmosphere remains in place. There is a need to know your company culture and ensure that anyone you bring in is a good fit with your company culture.

Do You Know Your Company Culture?

When it comes to bringing people into your organisation or creating the best working environment for your employees, your company culture is hugely important. Your company culture covers many matters, but it indicates how staff members are supported, how they engage with their peers and colleagues and how your firm responds to issues. Many firms don’t know what their company culture is while many companies have the wrong impression of their company culture. If you want to achieve success as a business, knowing your company culture and then making decisions around this culture is essential.

STEM Education Grants Will Benefit STEM Recruiters

It stands to reason that if there is an improved standard of education, there is an opportunity for firms to benefit from an improved standard of employees. Skilled, qualified and confident employees can drive a company forward, so it is natural that many firms are keen to see grants and assistance being provided to educational bodies. This is the case for the STEM sector, which covers Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. There have been recent studies which indicate that an insufficient supply of employees with skills in this area leads to relevant businesses losing out financially. In fact, some reports suggest that the UK loses out on as much as £1.5bn each year because these firms are struggling to employ people with the right qualifications.

Growing Urgency With STEM Recruitment

Reliable and skilled employees are essential in driving a company forward. This means that there is some concern about challenges in the STEM sector. A study undertaken by an organisation which provides STEM education and support suggests that there are skills shortages in the sector which costs businesses more than £1.5bn each year.