Are Cryptocurrency Skills Becoming Relevant In Job Market?

The fact that industry-leading cryptocurrency sites are now including job listings suggests that the market for roles in this sector are on the rise. In information provided by Upwork, which is a freelance database, it was reported that the number of listed jobs which had “blockchain” skills listed as a requirement increased by over 6,000% in the first quarter of 2017 and then late in that year, Bitcoin was classed as the skill that was growing the fastest.

Are Outdated Recruitment Practices Holding Some Firms Back?

When it comes to major decisions in business, it is understandable that many people prefer to stick with tried and trusted methods. The processes that have worked for you in the past and that you feel comfortable with are always going to be appealing, and why should you waste time on processes that you don’t know will work when you have processes that work.

Planning For 2019 Recruitment Drive?

When it comes to recruitment, it is vital that you are prepared for what may lie ahead, and it is essential that you have goals in place. We are moving towards 2019 at a rapid rate and many firms will have planned their 2019 recruitment drive already. Of course, with Brexit looming over the nation, many firms are holding off from making major decisions right now, but you don’t want to leave it too late.

Increase In UK Starting Salaries

A recent survey suggests that people who are starting a new job in Britain have benefitted from the largest increase in starting pay for more than three years. This occurred in September of 2018 and it provides some comfort and confidence for people looking for signs of positivity in the UK recruitment sector.

Are UK Firms Giving Up On Recruitment?

In the current economic and political climate, it is understandable that many companies are evaluating their plans. In fact, if a firm wasn’t evaluating where they are right now and what they are likely to do next, they would be in dereliction of duty. It is difficult to know what is going to happen next in the UK because of Brexit, but firms need to decide what their plans are and how they can mitigate difficult situations or help themselves to make the most of the challenges that the country will face.

Leaders Are Recruited Not Developed In Modern Business

The pressure and stress of modern business mean that many firms need to achieve results yesterday, never mind today. It is easy to talk about the long-term but without a satisfactory short-term, firms may not make it to the stage where their long-term aims can be realised. This is perhaps a reason why so many industry specialists say that leaders are recruited not developed in modern business.

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