Steps To Making Recruitment Simple


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Recruitment can seem challenging but there are ways in which you can simplify the process. At Technical Resources, we are pleased to say that we have helped many firms develop the steps to making recruitment simple, and a lot of the work is based on breaking the process down into smaller tasks.

Don’t let recruitment overwhelm you

If you attempt to look at the full picture when it comes to a task, it can be overwhelming. Given the importance of recruitment on your business and your development, you need to get it right. This creates its own pressure and therefore, many firms start to develop concerns and worries about their recruitment process. However, this doesn’t have to be the case and these are the steps that make recruitment simple.

  • Be aware of what you need
  • Create a detailed job description and person specification
  • Know the right place(s) to advertise
  • Review applications to a set criteria
  • Create an interview structure
  • Check references, ensure the contract is drawn up correctly and then offer a post
  • Welcome the new recruit to your team or company

The first step of the recruitment process comes with reviewing your company, acknowledging any gaps that you have and determining where you want to go in the future. You should never hire someone for the sake of hiring someone, there should always be a purpose and goal in mind. Therefore, when you look inwardly to start the process, it becomes easier to look outwards.

Many of the additional steps are based on taking your time and planning what you are going to do. Even if you are in a rush to fill a post, it is best to ensure that you create the best possible job description and person specification. If you get these areas wrong, you make it more likely that you will attract the wrong sort of candidates while perhaps diminishing the chances of finding your ideal candidate.

It is imperative you find your ideal candidate

You also need to ensure you know who your most likely candidate is and find a way to reach them in the most effective manner. It doesn’t matter if you have always taken the same approach to posting jobs, if there is another area where you can reach candidates more effectively, this should become the place you post the job.

Much with the job description and person specification, take the time to develop an interview structure that covers the areas you need to cover. There is no point in rushing this process or hoping for the best. Base the interview around the job description and person specification and make sure you find the candidate that best fits these requirements.

With these steps breaking down the recruitment process, you will hopefully find it easier to go from start to end when it comes to bringing someone new on board. If you are looking for assistance in the recruitment process or guidance when you hire a new employee, contact Technical Resources and we will be more than happy to assist you.